We're bringing you wonderful pies

from Pie in the Sky Aspen 

all through November & December! 


Place your order on Monday for the following Friday, or stop by the farm store each weekend to check out our selection. These pies are incredibly yummy!

Bananas Foster: Bananas, brown sugar, rum, brown suga

Sugar Plum: Fresh plums, oat crumble & crunchy crystallized sugar toppingr crumble topping

Mixed Berry: Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries; crumble topping

Toffee Apple: Apple pie with toffee bits and toffee crunch topping


Perfect Pear: Pear with caramelized walnut topping in a blue cheese crust

Raspberry Rhubarb: Raspberries & rhubarb,  oat topping, classic crust

Small pie (2-3 Servings) $12    

Large pie (6-8 servings) $28


Choose a gluten-free option from Deby's bakery & cafe in Denver as a great option for any 
"intolerant" eaters at your table! 



9" Bananas Foster ($28.00)
6" Bananas Foster ($12.00)
Gluten Free Pies
Cherry ($20.00)
Apple Crumb ($20.00)
Pumpkin ($20.00)
Mixed Berry ($20.00)
9" Mixed Berry ($28.00)
6" Mixed Berry ($12.00)
9" Perfect Pear ($28.00)
6" Perfect Pear ($12.00)
9" Raspberry Rhubarb ($28.00)
6" Raspberry Rhubarb ($12.00)
9" Sugar Plum Pie ($28.00)
6" Sugar Plum Pie ($12.00)
6" Toffee Apple ($28.00)
6" Toffee Apple ($12.00)
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