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jobs osage gardens farming

Posted 03/09/2015


Osage Gardens is a certified organic produce company with emphasis on plant success, teamwork and customer service.  This is a fun and very interactive position.  You will participate with most aspects and activities of the farm, and will work directly with the public. 

This position requires you to be flexible, willing, excited and into good food!  The position is ideal for a people person, building relationships with our customers and members is an essential (and truly gratifying) aspect to this position.  Individual workmanship, drive towards administrative work, and some basic computer skills are also necessary.  

Please bring resume and cover letter to the office: 36730 River Frontage Road, New Castle, CO 81647.

Farm Store
· Work in the farm store ~40 hours / week
· Merchandise and sell produce and goods
· Handel and track money
· Place Farm Store orders with suppliers
· Receive, catalog and organize orders as they come in
· Double check invoices and pricing
· Enter new items into the system
· Make suggestions on sales, promotions or new products
· Help develop standard operating procedures for farm store, inventory, stocking, etc.
· Keep back stock coolers organized, cleaned and items rotated
· Keep farm store stocked and organized
· Take regular inventory of produce and goods in farm store
· Interact with all customers, develop relationships
· Provide new employees with training how procedures in farm store work
· Provide new employees with training on how POS system works
· Communicate with various departments to understand produce availability
· Coordinate with growers/produce packers about produce items needed for the farm store · Give feedback to various departments on what sold well, what we need more or less of, other requests, special orders 
· Respond to emails Handle social media via Facebook and Instagram Develop bi-weekly newsletters
· Produce monthly store reports Maintain/update the Osage Garden’s website Weekly deep-cleaning activities of Farm Store and Coolers  

Fresh Eats Program        
· Register new members when they want to join
· Keep track of Members with Balances Due and Memberships coming to an end, email accordingly.
· Help develop standard operating procedures for store operations.
· Other duties as needed

· Following packing processes and procedures, keeping with health standards, organic standards and department of agriculture standards ·                Keep work space clean and organized, communicate with management when new supplies are needed ·         Help in other departments as needed ·         Understand that the day is finished when all orders are processed and area is cleaned up   General Job duties: ·         Work as a team player with the other employees and maintain a professional working relationship with all employees ·         Must be able to work with little or no supervision and be self motivated ·         Keep work space clean and organized ·         Help in herb packing room when needed (holidays especially). ·         Work speedily while maintaining quality ·         Be ready, willing and able to help out at all times when and where needed ·         Must be prepared to work some long hours during peak periods and maintain a good working attitude

Please note that we are no longer accepting interns or WWOOFers.