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Microgreens and Other Tiny Greens

 All of our microgreens and other tiny greens are available in retail sizes at our farm store, farmer's markets and Whole Foods in Boulder. We also offer larger pack sizes for restaurants and other wholesale customers. Contact Us if you have any questions.


Microgreens are the tiny edible greens, the first true leaves of a plant. They are grown in our nutrient dense soil and are grown and certified organic in our greenhouses. They are a mixture of kales, collards, mustards, beets, amaranth, herbs and other greens and are packed full of nutrients.

Our versatile microgreens are tender, colorful and full of robust flavor and texture.They can be eaten as a hearty salad, added to a salad or dish or used as a garnish.






Pea Tendrils

Pea Tendrils are the tender young shoots of the sweet pea plant. They are about 4-6 inches long with small round leaves up the length and a curly "tendril" at the top. They have a delicate, springtime, sweet pea taste.










Radish Sprouts

If you are looking for a lively flavor for a dish, this is it. Our Radish Sprouts are about 2 inches long with a nickel-sized, heart-shaped leaf with rosy pink and white stems. They are slightly larger than micro-sized greens. The flavor is similar to radish, spicy and crunchy.

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