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Not sure which share is right for you? Chek out our Fresh Eats FAQs to find your answers.

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Shop for local veggies and artisan foods using your member dollars at our farm store or any of our market location! Learn More...

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About Fresh Eats--Our Free-Choice Colorado CSA

Western Slope CSA Farm Share



Osage Gardens welcomes you to try our Fresh Eats Program: Local Veggies and Artisan Foods!  This is our version of a  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program.  We've decided to change it up a bit from a traditional CSA so we can offer you more choices and flexibility.


Rather than giving you a once a week box of pre-selected produce, in our Fresh Eats program, we give you a certain amount of share dollars credit to shop with. This  gives you the freedom and flexibility to visit us at our farm store to choose only the fresh produce  and other foods that you want. Your purchases are paid for from your weekly share amount with a built-in discount.







First you choose either a Bitty Share, Basic Share or Bounty Share. Then decide the duration of membership you would like to sign up for. You can choose either 12 weeks, 15 weeks, 20 weeks or 26 weeks. Extensions and upgrades may be purchased once you are enrolled in the program. A $10 administration fee is built in to the price of the share.





of Weeks


Bitty Share



Basic Share



Bounty Share


12 Weeks

$20 a week


$25 a week


$30 a week


15 Weeks

$20 a week


$25 a week


$30 a week


20 Weeks

No admin fee!

$20 a week


$25 a week


$30 a week


26 Weeks

2 weeks free!

 $20 a week

$520 $480

$25 a week

$650 $600

$30 a week

$780 $720



Our newest option is a 26 week share. When you sign up for this share, we give you two weeks for free! And then you only have to sign up twice a year. This is a great choice for those who don't know what they'd do without their Fresh Eats share, or for those who just want a great deal on fresh produce & other great food all year long! 


Flexible Payment Options: We accept credit card, check or cash.



Read About Fresh Eats Policies




By enrolling in Osage Gardens Fresh Eats Program, you are supporting our farm and supporting Colorado Agriculture. You can feel good about the fact that your Osage Gardens Fresh Eats Share supports family farming; supports certified organic and other sustainable farming practices; encourages biodiversity; and keeps your food dollars in the local economy. By pre-purchasing your Fresh Eats Share, you are actively investing in the future of Osage Gardens; helping with pre-season start-up costs such as seeds, equipment & supplies and labor. We are proud to be the four season family farm of the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond and we thank you for your support!




 Already signed up for a Fresh Eats Share?  Here is some info about your share:


Welcome to Osage Gardens Fresh Eats Program!
We are so excited that you have become a member of our farm! We are looking forward to seeing you on a weekly basis and providing you with a wonderful selection of organic vegetables, local produce and the best of Colorado’s artisan foods.


Here are some basics about how your Fresh Eats Membership Program works:

  • You can use your share dollars at our Farm Store
  • Your weekly share dollar allotment renews every Monday. You are, of course, welcome to spend more than your weekly share! Just pay for the rest using any other tender type. Your discount is still applied to everything you purchase.
  • If you spend less than your weekly share amount or you’re out of town, your share dollars will roll over to the following week(s), accumulating until you can spend it or until the end of your share.
  • Your share weeks are consecutive.
  • You have two weeks after the pre-paid weeks end in which to use up any share dollars that have accumulated on your account. During this time you still get member prices, and if you reenroll in a member program before the two week period is up, your accumulated share dollars will be carried over into your new share.  If not, the dollars remain in your account to spend, however at non-member prices. 
  • The price of your share includes a $10 administration fee, which covers the cost of our member accounting, sending you reminders when your share is about to expire, and other admin tasks!

 Let us know if you have any questions!