Care of Culinary Herbs

care storage culinary herbs Colorado

Store herbs in either the plastic "clamshell" container that the herbs come in or in small platic resealable bags. When you are ready to use them, first gently wash your herbs to cleanse of any debris before cooking. After gently washing, dry your herbs either by lightly gently shaking off the excess water from them and pressing lightly with a paper towel. Some herbs, like Basil are very fragile and bruise easily, while others, like rosemary and thyme are very hearty.

We recommend that you do not refriderage basil.  Normal refriderator temperatures are too cold for Basil and will turn it black much faster.  Keep Basil on your counter or in a cool dark place in your kitchen.  

Our herbs are best stored in the container they come in.  Leaving herbs out, even in a glass of water, may cause them to wilt and dry out very fast.

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