Fresh Eats FAQ

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What are the differences in share levels?

Bitty: Perfect for getting started if this is new to you. Great for avid single cooks or couples or roomates who enjoy cooking together.

Basic: Great for a vegetarian couple and/or small family

Bounty: Superb for a larger family, zealous vegetarians and juicers or someone who loves fresh veggies all the time.

When do my share dollars renew?

Every Wednesday for the duration of your share.

What happens if I have to miss a week because I am out of town or on vacation?

No problem! You do not lose your weekly amount. Your weekly share amount will just roll over into the following weeks.

What happens if I dont use the whole amount?

Same as if you are on vacation. If you dont use the full amount any remaining amount will roll over to the following weeks.

What happens if I want to get more than my weekly share amount?

Your membership functions like a renewable gift card. your purchased are first paid for using you weekly share amount. Any amount over that can be paid for using any other form of tender. Your discount is still applied to everything you purchase.

Do we have to work on the farm? Do you have any working shares?

At this time  we do not have any working shares- only paying shares. We may have working shares in the future. We will also be offering regular tours for you to come and check out where you food is being grown.

What are some of the other benefits of being a member?

Aside from the huge benefit for your health of recieving the freshest organic vegetables possible, here are some others: Members receive a discount on all items. The discount levels will vary per item catagory and the biggest discount will always be on the produce we grow! Members also get to take advantage of our bounty. When we have an abundance of an item, or unusual items we'd like you to try, we like to pass it on to our Fresh Eats Membersas well. For example, as a member bonus we've given squash blossoms, garlic scapes, 1# bags of basil, dried peppers, smap dragon stems, etc. When we have new items, we want to make sure that our members get a chance to try them as well.

How long is my discount and money good for?

Your discount is good for two additional weeks after your program ends. For example, if you sign up for 15 weeks, any leftover money and discount will be good for a total of 17 weeks.

Can we share a share?

Shares should be per household. Since its free choice and there are multiple share options, we dont think you will have a problem finding enough delicius items to fill your share amount.

What happens if I still have share dollars after the duration of my share is up?

You have two weeks after the pre-paid weeks end in which to use up any share dollars that have rolled over and in which to still get the member prices. For example, if you have a 15 week share, once the 15 weeks end, you still have two weeks after that to use up any money that has rolled over. You also still get member prices during these two weeks. If your reenroll into a member program during that time, your share balance will be carried over into a new share.

Do I have to pay an administration fee every time I purchase a share?

Yes. The $10 admin fee is built into each 12 and 15 week share.  There is no admin fee for 20 or 26 week shares.  

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